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Basestone builders is a modern development company that strives to design and create architecturally distinguished homes.
Our hope is that the buildings we create can become homes to those who dwell in them. In a saturated development market, it is our passion to carve a niche, establish relationship with our clients, work outside of the confines of traditional design, and create a home that is perfect for you.
With expertise in custom homes, we strive to create unique homes for unique people.

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Our Process

Finding the right plot is a big first step towards your new home! We will design and build your dream home, taking into consideration your plot’s location, size, views, exposure/orientation, neighboring environment, your lifestyle, and of course your budget!

Once you have a plot, the next step is begin some more serious dreaming! Once you’re comfortable with us, we’ll go over your wish list, help you establish a budget and our designers will begin some preliminary designing of your home. A few shorts weeks after our preliminary planning

Once we have a preliminary design and rendering completed for you we can prepare a detailed budget. We know that construction process can be overwhelming to say the least, so we will walk you through everything in your home that has been allowed for, in a simple, yet detailed way.

You’ve now been walked through your future home, you’re ready to move forward. We can sign a contract, and begin designing plans to go in for permit. designing plans to go in for permit.

There are many decisions to make when building a home, and at this point you’re on the right track. You’ve decided to build with Basestone and are ready to pick your dream countertop, hardwood and paint colours.

We’ll let you take the first few scoops of earth and begin the construction process of your new home. Remember, safety first! You are always invited to stop by, check in on progress and let us know how things are looking.

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